Background on ICCGC 2021

Since the end of the Cold War, humanity has opened up a global era where the world is united across borders with the spread of globalization. For the last 30 years, the international community has enjoyed material enrichment through the establishment of a global supply chain based on mutual cooperation and trust, and we have expected that we could overcome the global crises that threaten human society and lead the infinite prosperity of human society through close coordination.    


However, due to the global pandemic of the COVID-19, the vulnerabilities of social structures hidden by the rapid development of material civilization and the loss of human inner values have been exposed to society, and the world has become more prevalent in spirit poverty and ignorance with the decline of morality. As a result, today's peace faces global crises such as our security, livelihood and life-threatening climate, nuclear weapons, and the loss of humanity. In order to overcome these crises, it is important to restore perfect humanity with the restoration of morality through harmony between spiritual civilization and material civilization.    


The leaders and intellectuals who have experienced international turmoil due to the outbreak of COVID-19, have begun to seriously consider the "future of humanity" and are putting the topic of "global citizens" as an important agenda for this purpose. In the human society before COVID-19, the global citizenship education was an option but now it should be a necessity.

To do this, the religious communities need to review the morality and ethics as an international standard to respond jointly and overcome the global crises on the earth according to the spirit of the times, and furthermore build the collective intelligence of global citizens who pursue the harmony of the material civilization and spiritual civilization in order to open the sustainable future of humanity.

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ICCGC Committee

The Interfaith Coalition Conference for Global Citizens engages members of diverse sectors
to exchange experiences and practices to overcome global crises through global citizenship.